We know you have a choice. So why should you work with A-ONE ? Because the values which underpin A-ONE GROUP operations mean you can be assured of quality and reliable services. With well qualified and experienced personnel in this field hence the capacity to offer effective service.
We are aware that in the service industry as ours, everyone will promise quick and efficient service of course this is the way it should be but unfortunately, most agents do not keep their promises. However, at A-ONE GROUP we are different we do this because we know that our performance will be judged through our success.
We make sure we are readily available to our customers and then dedicate our time to their needs. We know that ultimately, their continual growth is our success and this is why we consider them our business associates. We hope sir/madam that you will give us the opportunity of being of service to you and experience personalized service at the best.
What We Believe We believe that people are the most precious asset that we have. Professional and dedicated,  A-ONE GROUP team are the guarantee to efficient and good service.
We believe that only after we create value for our clients constantly and creatively, that a company can gain the trust and respect, then compete and survive in this fast growing industry.

Associate/Sister Concern

  1. A-one Logistics. (International Freight Forwarding ,Warehousing, import and Export and E-Commerce Goods and Personal goods handling agent)
  2. A-One Courier Service   (International/domestic Courier Service Providers)
  3. A-One Transportation (Transport Service in Domestics area within the Bangladesh) 
  4. Imran Shipping Line (Pvt) Ltd. ( International Freight Forwarding Company)
  5. Five Bays Agency Ltd.  (Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agent)
  6. Hanlay Associates Ltd (Container Survey & Inspection)
  7. T.H Cargo Service Ltd. (International Freight Forwarder)
  8.  Mihan Enterprise (Customs Clearing )