Bangladesh, a country of opportunity and hope plays a vital role in Maritime Sector worldwide from British Regime. After liberation in 1971 and emergence of global trade in last few decades, the importance of Bangladesh Market is in high demand. First Merchant vessel was come in Chittagong Port in British Regime and regular break-bulk and Log vessels were calling Chittagong Port and Chalna (Now Mongla) from earlys’ 1900. First Container shipment took place in 1974 at Chittagong Port.
There are several trade parties which are directly and indirectly involved with maritime Industry of Bangladesh such as:
I. Exporter
II. Importer
III. Trader
IV. Chittagong and Dhaka Chamber of Commerce Industries
V. Metropolitan Chamber and Commerce Industries
VI. Bangladesh Jute Exporters Association

Following parties are facilitated the Maritime Sector of Bangladesh
a. Shipping Agents
b. Freight-Forwarders
c. Lighter and Coastal Agents
d. Customs Clearing & Forwarding Agents
e. Berth Operator
f. Surveyor